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Inkhorn Theme: New Inkorn


At last, Inkhorn 2.0 is ready, pending the approval of your Tumblr overlords.

Where? What have you done to it?

You should see your theme switch over soon, but in the meantime you can see a demo of the update here:

Two years ago I created a Tumblr theme called Inkhorn.

Today, it is still going strong and is one of the most popular Tumblr themes around, with over 415,000 installations. Good grief!

Well, it’s been brought up to speed somewhat in the latest update, rewritten from scratch and with a host of new features.

Next I plan on releasing a Wordpress version via Theme Anorak, so keep your eyes peeled. 

3331 Arts CYD

3331 Arts CYD

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Reader Lite – New theme!

Via themeanorak:

Our first Tumblr theme is now available in the theme garden! Have a look-see

Starting with this one, I am going to release a bunch of themes for Wordpress and Tumblr under the Theme Anorak moniker.

Next up will be a re-release of Inkhorn, my first Tumblr theme, which will be coded again from scratch and improved upon design-wise. Then, a couple of premium Tumblr and Wordpress themes will come out when the time permits. Watch this space!

Space Cactus – Stud Killer Bravado

Video by Pastel Prairie

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Kei Sakawaki 2011

Kei Sakawaki 2011

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Ruins 2011

Ruins 2011

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Museum on the Seashore, Brazil, 1951

Museum on the Seashore, Brazil, 1951

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Daehyun Kim (aka Moonassi) has updated his site with some new drawings.

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World Sign 2 Marks Logos  by Counter-Print on Flickr.
Untitled  by Counter-Print on Flickr.

Untitled by Counter-Print on Flickr.